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Posted on March 12 2018

The luck of the Irish is approaching us this month as St. Patrick ‘s Day draws near. It got us to thinking, “What is luck?"

There’s a stroke of luck that could lead to a lucky streak, but beware not to press your luck or your luck may just run out on you like Sinatra’s Lady Luck. It could be beginner’s luck but most of us have to work for it. And that leads us to a story from our Founder when she was just starting out as a jeweler.

I'm A Great Believer In Luck Thomas Jefferson

While finishing up her Bachelor of Fine Art for Metalsmithing, Andrea had the opportunity to apply for several prestigious grants to support a research proposal and artist residency that would further her skills. It was a long process and during the Fall just before the deadlines, her mentor invited her to her studio to share in a tradition. Her mentor told her of an old tradition picked up from her European travels—that if one carves and shapes a peach pit into a triangle/pyramid shape on the ninth day of the ninth month, the resulting charm would bring good luck. Andrea began carrying this “good luck” charm around on her key chain from then on.

Somewhere along the way, the keys dropped to the floor one too many times and the charm split in two. Could this be an omen? Perhaps. But Andrea decided to patch the charm back together and continued carrying it.

The Best Luck Of All Douglas MacArthur

In the end, Andrea beat out over a thousand national candidates, but was selected as the alternate for the Fulbright Award. A tremendous honor and accomplishment, but still just short of her goal. She was selected as a Windgate Fellowship Award nominee, but not selected as the final Fellow.

So here is where our earlier question comes in- What is luck? Is it fate, ruled by the universe? Or do we play a part?

Luck Is What Happens Seneca

 Andrea had already made her decision. By patching up the charm, she had stated to the powers that be that luck is what you make of it. In preparing her research proposal, she had already built the needed network of contacts and mapped out how she would achieve her skill-building goals. Instead of walking away from the idea, getting discouraged by not placing first, she rallied and raised the funding herself. The artist residency was abbreviated but it happened, and it became one of the most influential periods of time in her professional life.

While it was hard work and dedication that pushed her over the finish line, Andrea would be the first to tell you it never hurts to carry some token of luck, of comfort, of encouragement, as the peach pit was for her. Lucky charms, amulets, and talismans have been a part of our collective histories and cultures since the dawn of time. They may or may not be imbued with special powers but they certainly help tell our stories. Stories about who we are and what we stand for. Many of these symbols and iconography are explored in our current products, from the Irish-influenced Fionn earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, to the clever raven in Bran, and will continue to be an important part of Stag & Harp’s aesthetic.

Whether you’re a lucky duck, have the luck of the draw, or find you’ll have better luck next time—tell us about the lucky charms in your life or how you may have overcome “your luck”! We’d count ourselves lucky to hear your story.

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