Our Story

A contemporary twist on traditional sources of inspiration.

At Stag & Harp, we seek to create quality fine jewelry and accessories with exceptional designs that help you express your bold sense of style. Our heritage-inspired luxe looks are comfortable and easy to wear, while our quality materials mean they will stand the test of time. This jewelry is passionately created to enhance your everyday style as well as commemorate all the milestones of your life and celebrate the values you hold dear. We envision building a community of adventurers, romantics, the curious-minded, and the resilient fighters who discover and share the beauty, amazement, and joy found in the world every day. We believe in:

  • Determination- the ability to continue, to persevere, with a defiant, resilient spirit
  • Optimism- the ability to weather any storm and still find the silver lining
  • Sense of Adventure- the willingness and curiosity to try new things. We're bold and ready to take a chance.
  • Playfulness- the enthusiastic pursuit of joy and spontaneous delight
  • Character- developed through experience and trial, we embody trust, integrity, respect, reliability, and individuality
  • Craftsmanship- the result of hard work, knowledge, and passion
  • Connection- to nurture and celebrate meaningful relationships worldwide; whether that be through our everyday interactions with customers and loved ones, to engaging and supporting our communities 

What's in a name?

Our name—Stag & Harp—comes from the symbols found on the 1990 Irish Pound worn by our founder, Andrea Tabacchi. The coin was a gift from a friend in 1995.
"Our families had met in 1990. At the time, I thought it was too much a coincidence that the coin was minted in the same year we’d all met so I never spent it, and instead began wearing it as a necklace."
Over time, the coin came to represent something bigger.
"I thought about my friends, their life experiences, my own, and how we were the kind of people that had been knocked down in life a few times but we always managed to get back up. We not only survive, but we still manage to see the good in people and the beauty in the world. We’re still enthusiastic and find inspiration to go and explore further. So the stag and harp came to represent the qualities I strive to emulate each day. Strength and grace on one side, and joy and harmony on the other."

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