Sizing Guides

Use these guides to help find the right size for you!

Bangle Bracelets

Method #1:
Hold your hand out as if you were putting on a bangle bracelet, with your thumb reaching across towards your pinky finger. Using a soft measuring tape, wrap around the widest part of your hand, generally across the knuckles and thumb. Where the tape overlaps is your hand size. This number corresponds to the interior circumference of the bangle.

Method #2:
Place your fist on a table. With a measuring tape or ruler, measure the distance between the middle of your index finger knuckle to your picky finger knuckle. This number corresponds to the interior diameter of the bangle.

Necklace Chain Lengths

This image illustrates the variety of necklace lengths as mentioned in their descriptions. Chains are measured flat, end to end. Product descriptions will indicate if a pendant is included in this measurement.

At the moment, our men's necklace is offered with a 22" chain. This should fall just below the collar bone on most gentlemen.

As everyone's body type is unique, chain lengths can fall on individuals in slightly different locations. These are meant to be general guidelines.

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